Convert My Money FAQ

1. What is Convert My Money?

Convert My Money is an online, free currency converter. It is designed to convert one currency into another to check its corresponding value.

2. How to use Convert My Money?

It's very simple. All you need to do to convert your money is:

STEP 1.   Enter an amount of money in any of the two boxes (e.g. '1000')
STEP 2.   Choose the currency you wish to convert from the drop-down list below (e.g. 'USD - United States Dollar')
STEP 3.   Choose the currency you want to convert your money to from the other drop-down list (e.g. 'EUR - Euro)

The conversion works both ways, so if you edit the resulting amount, the source amount will change too. And the next time you visit Convert My Money, the currencies you have chosen will be pre-selected for you.
You don't need to click anything else. The app calculates and displays the corresponding amount of money straight away!

3. How often do you update the exchange rates?

Convert My Money updates its currency exchange rates every hour.

4. What currencies can I convert using Convert My Money?

There are 161 currencies you can convert using Convert My Money. This includes: dollar to pound, dollar to euro, euro to pound. Please contact us if you can't see a currency you want to convert.

5. What kind of rates do you use, bank or market exchange rates?

Convert My Money uses current market currency exchange rates.

6. Where do you take the exchange rates from?

Convert My Money maintains real-time information on current mid-market exchange rates by connecting to an external database.

7. Why is Convert My Money the best currency converter on the web?

There are 2 reasons why we like to think of Convert My Money as the best money converter on the internet:

1. Simplicity

We've done our research and no other currency converter is as simple to use as Convert My Money. We want you to convert your money quickly. That's why we don't provide any additional features which would only clutter the website and there is a big chance you'd never use them anyway. But tell us if you think we are wrong and there is something you would like to see.

2. Accuracy

Most of the currency converters available on the internet update their rates daily. We believe that this is not frequent enough, as exchange rates are very unstable. With hourly updated exchange rates you can be sure that the result you get is accurate.